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              Max outlet pressure: 15,000 PSI; Volume Displacement: 0.05 in3


■ Air Drive line lubrication not required.

■ Self-priming for immediate operation.

■ Compatible with all hydraulic fluids, plain water, distilled & deionized water, solvents, mild chemicals and most liquefied aerosol type gases.

■ Stainless steel hydraulic body, check valves, and trim are standard, except -4 and -7 models.

■ Alternative gases that can drive the pump include nitrogen, vapor from liquefied gas, pipeline natural gas and sour natural gas with proper modifications.

■ Offer a wide range of standard modifications.

■ Hydraulic pressure is held without energy consumption.

■ Explosion proof … requires no electrical power or connections.

■ Intrinsically safe.

■ Compact, lightweight and weatherproof.

■ Easy to adapt automatic controls.

■ Contamination tolerant.

■ Outlet stall pressure pre-determined by the air drive regulator.

■ High pressure capability – up to 80,000 psi (5516 Bar).

■ Ideal for stop-start applications under full load.

■ Easy to install and operate.

■ ISO 9001: 2008 & AS9100-2009 Certified Quality System

HII Air-Driven Liquid Pump, 3" Single Acting, Single Air Drive, 15000psi

  • Brand                                                                 HII

    Country                                                           USA

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