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* Air cooled 4 cycle gasoline engine HONDA GX-160

* Oil delivery: 7.5 litter / min at low pressure,1.2 litter /min at High Pressure

* Rated Pressure:68.5 Mpa or 10,000 PSI

* Manual controlled engine driven hydraulic pump suitable for single and double acting Hydraulic Presses for construction and maintenance of transmission line use.

* The manual control valve permits the user to advance, hold and retract the ram at will. It works for both single and double acting Hydraulic Presses.

* Simple design and positive manual control valve is ideal for high voltage construction site where electric magnetic field becomes concern.

* The HONDA four cycle engine GX-160 used in this Pump meets emission control in accordance with EPA Phase 3 and CARB Tier 3.

* Quality backed by ISO9001 Quality Management System

Hydraulic Pump - IZUMI

  • Brand : IZUMI

    Country: JAPAN