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• Compact: installs off the floor, out of the way, in any position.

• 2 connections: plant air in, amplified air out. (Pilot air connection is optional for start-stop control with a PCV valve or solenoid valve and pressure switch.)

• Can replace a dedicated air compressor: 10 HP size in a typical large plant spot requirement for 100 PSI when only 80 PSI is available. (Model 5A-DS-2)

• Replace bottled nitrogen: up to 700 PSI (48.3 BAR) for air testing, lab or production. (Model 5A-DS-5 & 7A-DS-8)



• Valve actuators

• Air starters

• Bin vibrators

• Pneumatic drill motors

HII-Air pressure amplifiers-5A-DS-2

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